Calgary Saints Rugby Club

About Us

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on creating a strong, welcoming community across our club. Whether you are a retired player looking to get involved in rugby again, a seasoned athlete looking to make a huge impact on the field or a brand new player looking for your first exposure to the game, the Calgary Saints have a place for you. The Saints have teams for kids as young as four years old, as well as a competitive women’s team and competitive and social men’s teams. We look to continue to build the Saints family by creating a successful atmosphere on the field and a strong social bond off the field.

Our Values


We believe all club members are equal. No matter what role you fill, you will be included and treated with respect on and off the field. We have pride in our club and our community and look to build lifelong relationships. We are deliberate in our communications in order to engage our members and veterans alike in social activities, club events and the rugby community.


We enter every training session, game and social event excited and proud to be a Saint and are dedicated to put full effort into everything we do.


We demonstrate selflessness and respect to the highest degree towards all members of the club, officials and opponents. We hold each other accountable, we communicate and we always put the team before the individual. No one is above the club.


We demonstrate integrity and respect of the highest degree towards all members of the club, officials, and opponents alike. We hold each other accountable, communicate, and follow through on our commitments to each other and the team.


We coach our players, of any age, based on their individual game understanding, skill level and fitness. We develop game play through drills and enhanced through game results. We look to make training sessions both fun and challenging to support and encourage player growth.


Men's 1st XV


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Women's 1st XV


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