Calgary Saints Rugby Club


Our Teams

Minis + Youth

  • U5-U7 Age Grade (active start): Promoting fun and participation while developing movement skills and spacial awareness.
  • U9-U11 Age Grade (kick-off to rugby): Focus on developing rugby specific skills.
  • U13 Age Grade (learning to train): Enhance overall sport-skills and core rugby skills.
  • U15 Age Grade (training to train): Promote rugby specific skill development.


  • U16 Age Grade (training to compete): Develop rugby specialization and position specific skills.
  • U18 Age Grade (training to perform): Enhance position specific skills, ensure players are ready to move to senior rugby.


  • 18+ Adult Rugby (elite and competitive): Enjoy the game to the fullest extent while still competing to be the best. The league calls adult rugby “Senior Rugby”.
  • 18+ Third Division (social): Promoting an active for life mentality with rolling subs and minimal practice commitment.

Social & Volunteering

We have space for more than just active players, if you are interested in helping out by coaching, event planning or just joining us for a beer you are welcome! We have the option for a social membership which gives you access to all events and free tickets to each. Just looking to help out? We have tons of volunteer positions we are looking to fill and would love to have a hand. Please contact us at for specific available roles and opportunities.

Want to join a team?

Saints Merchandise

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Adrenalin Source for Sports FCA location. Everything from rugby gear, mouth guards, yetis, bags and hats can be found in store or online. Check out the website to purchase your merch!